Spinning the Top Of Mind

Right hand at shoulder height, palm open.  Close fingers and motion to the right.  Bring both hands toward sternum as if holding a ball, right hand held higher than left.  Rotate hands around the imaginary ball.  Move open palms shoulder width apart, still parallel to each other.  Flatten open palms toward audience. Each gesture would […]

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A Thank-You Note to Dubuque, Iowa

​10 February 2017 Dear Dubuque: I’m writing this from my favorite downtown coffee shop, the same place I’ve often found myself going for lunch and a caffeine hit on Friday afternoons. Several odds and ends are moved already–the only major items left are kitchen supplies, electronics, and furniture. I start the new job in Madison […]

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Thesis Project Wrap-Up

Here are a few shots of the 1″ = 500′ city-scale model I 3D printed earlier in the semester with the plug for the neighborhood site to the east of downtown.  Existing highway and mass transit connections are highlighted, particularly those running through the northern and southern ends of the site. When I presented the […]

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March 26

How does this model look? Five-story building at 1″ = 50′ that would start to blend public realm into interior space. Got a good critique today and will get this typology across the whole site.

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Spring Break

I’m posting from Daytona Beach this week with some of my first iterations after mid-crit.  I’m changing up organizations a little bit and putting different pieces in different locations–more details to come.  What I’m most excited about is the addition in the southeast corner next to the overpass: a soccer-specific stadium for the Jacksonville Armada […]

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Midterm Review Models

In addition to the four 36×48 boards, I built two models for the March 5th midterm critique: a 1″ = 100′ model of the site and a 1″ = 500′ model of the site within the context of downtown.  The entire downtown model and EverBank Field for the site model were 3D printed…fun stuff.

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March 5: Midterm Review

The main purpose of a midterm review is to have a discussion about the current direction of the project.  Keeping in mind that the past month has been the only time to start designing on the selected site, I chose to focus on the creation of forms and massing at this stage. Based on the […]

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