Academic Portfolio

In spring 2009, prior to beginning my education at Drury University, I took the position in a scholarship interview that I was going to take the campus by storm. I made it clear that I was not about to let the grueling curriculum of the Hammons School of Architecture or the shell shock of traveling 600 miles from home get in my way.

I got the scholarship, and I did as much as I could.

Five years of architecture education has allowed me to appreciate experiences and design great buildings that can be more than a mere object. I’ve spent three months in Greece, designed a wide variety of buildings (both hypothetical and built), and brought ideas to life that have enlightened my professors, my peers, and myself. My adacemic record and the projects presented on the following pages speak for my body of work in the studio and I could not be happier with what I have accomplished so far. Not only have I done the work and learned from it, but I have also learned to be humble. In an academic setting that has brought about senses of entitlement among my colleagues, I have always sought to remain focused and in touch with those across the university.

Just as important as architectural work to me is involvement across campus. One of the benefits of the small liberal arts college setting that Drury offers is the ability to participate in a variety of activities. I have become a musician and composer through a series of music ensembles, and an athlete through the ultimate frisbee team, in addition to becoming a young architect. Breadth has truly become a quintessential part of my character.

From a hotel outside Venice to a fire station in Missouri, a gathering space in Greece to a trail shelter in the Everglades, my Portfolio has all the highlights of my studio work that’s gotten me this far.  I also have a Supplemental Portfolio with several other side projects I was able to put together to craft a well-rounded educational experience.

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