Born in Illinois, raised in Ohio, educated in Missouri, and a traveler to Greece.

Recently-graduated architecture student and new entrant to the professional sphere, but not quite ready to abandon my multiple interests and skills honed while in school.

(and the guy on the right in that picture.)

Really, I just like to create in whatever facet I can.  Comment anywhere on the site with questions or comments about the work–it’s why I made the site in the first place.  Also, check out some of my other work:

Thus Spoke Jacksonville – Fall 2013 thesis document outlining this project.

Portfolio – Selected works from the past five years.

Under the Surface – Spring 2013 research document for a Masters-level elective.  Helped me outline my thinking behind urban analyses, including my study of Daytona Beach which led me to Jacksonville for thesis work.

Supplemental Portfolio – Additional sketches and graphic design exercises performed outside of academic work.

Professional Portfolio – Selected projects from the first two-and-a-half years of my career, out of both Tulsa and Dubuque.

2 thoughts on “DKB

  1. Hello from Jacksonville! I’m a reporter here and saw your thesis. Any chance we could maybe skype an interview??

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