Aficionado’s Scorebook for Baseball

Baseball is America’s pastime, and baseball fans are the ones keeping it that way.  Not just the buy-me-some-peanuts-and-Cracker-Jack fans, but the true fanatics: the ones with worn-out gloves, rally caps, jerseys, alternate jerseys, and enough broadcast calls of their team’s greatest moments committed to heart to fill a box CD collection.  Some are outwardly fanatical, earning their way onto team compilation videos with wild hair, face paint, signs, and dancing.  Others are fanatical in the way they observe, closely eyeing every pitch, pickoff, and outfielder’s jump with a fine-tuned finesse honed over thousands of innings.

These fanatics with finesse are baseball’s aficionados.  And this is the Aficionado’s Scorebook for Baseball.

Capture every detail of every game, from the weather and time of the first pitch to the count your team’s slugging third baseman had when he roped a hanging curveball down the left field line for a walk-off double (though he would’ve rounded the bases all the way to the next state if he could).  Let the raised-ink cover show some age as you track your son’s high school team all the way to the state final.  Bring your scorebook home from the ballpark and leave it on the coffee table to show exactly where you were for that complete game shutout in Game 6, or exactly where you’ve been on your numerous road trip stops to check off another ballpark.

Fanatics with finesse don’t just cheer today, they relish in the greatness of baseball for a lifetime.  Score your baseball memories like a true aficionado today.

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And be sure to check out For The Fanatic With Finesse, the supplementary write-up on the design process for the scorebook.

Contents: Baseball scorebook with scorecards for 60 games, write-in table of contents, name page, and glossary of common baseball abbreviations.  Raised-ink kraft paper cover with Wire-O binding.  Also available on Etsy.