February 5, 2014: Preliminary Review

Today, all twelve of the students in my studio section presented a 36×48 board with their initial findings, linking the concepts and conclusions from their thesis documents to a tangible building project.  I put up the following on Jacksonville, indicating the lack of cohesion in planning because of a disconnect between infrastructure based on the […]

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An Interest of Mine

Last night, I had a Super Bowl party at my apartment and had the following conversation with a friend who had never been over that went something like this: Her: “What are all those papers on your refrigerator?” Me: “They’re soccer team schedules.” Her: “Why do you have them?” Me: “Well, I like sports–” Her: […]

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Site Analysis: January 16, 2014

Dad and I went under the series of overpasses that marked the southern connection between Interstate 95 and the Jacksonville beltway, marking that we were ten miles outside of downtown.  The absence of any element of society around this connection brought about the distinct typology of the American city: the overpass.  It seems that, in […]

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