Spinning the Top Of Mind

Right hand at shoulder height, palm open.  Close fingers and motion to the right.  Bring both hands toward sternum as if holding a ball, right hand held higher than left.  Rotate hands around the imaginary ball.  Move open palms shoulder width apart, still parallel to each other.  Flatten open palms toward audience. Each gesture would […]

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Good Times Never Seemed So Good: How Two Colonial Cities Tick in the Information Age

Saturday was always a very productive day in the Kemp-Baird household growing up.  Both of my parents are ministers–senior ministers at different churches, no less–and have been since my childhood, so both would spend the traditional day of rest and recovery from the week prior in thought and preparation for the next morning’s service.  The […]

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The Aficionado’s Scorebook for Baseball.

Baseball is America’s pastime, and baseball fans are the ones keeping it that way.  Not just the buy-me-some-peanuts-and-Cracker-Jack fans, but the true fanatics: the ones with worn-out gloves, rally caps, jerseys, alternate jerseys, and enough broadcast calls of their team’s greatest moments committed to heart to fill a box CD collection.  Some are outwardly fanatical, […]

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For the Fanatic With Finesse

Get your scorebook here! My name’s Drew, and I’m a designer. That’s probably obvious. But what’s even better than getting to call yourself a designer is getting to think like one. When you think like a designer, you see philosophy and rationale in everything around you that creative minds and hands have shaped. When something […]

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A Thank-You Note to Dubuque, Iowa

​10 February 2017 Dear Dubuque: I’m writing this from my favorite downtown coffee shop, the same place I’ve often found myself going for lunch and a caffeine hit on Friday afternoons. Several odds and ends are moved already–the only major items left are kitchen supplies, electronics, and furniture. I start the new job in Madison […]

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