March 26

How does this model look? Five-story building at 1″ = 50′ that would start to blend public realm into interior space. Got a good critique today and will get this typology across the whole site.

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Spring Break

I’m posting from Daytona Beach this week with some of my first iterations after mid-crit.  I’m changing up organizations a little bit and putting different pieces in different locations–more details to come.  What I’m most excited about is the addition in the southeast corner next to the overpass: a soccer-specific stadium for the Jacksonville Armada […]

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Midterm Review Models

In addition to the four 36×48 boards, I built two models for the March 5th midterm critique: a 1″ = 100′ model of the site and a 1″ = 500′ model of the site within the context of downtown.  The entire downtown model and EverBank Field for the site model were 3D printed…fun stuff.

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March 5: Midterm Review

The main purpose of a midterm review is to have a discussion about the current direction of the project.  Keeping in mind that the past month has been the only time to start designing on the selected site, I chose to focus on the creation of forms and massing at this stage. Based on the […]

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February 5, 2014: Preliminary Review

Today, all twelve of the students in my studio section presented a 36×48 board with their initial findings, linking the concepts and conclusions from their thesis documents to a tangible building project.  I put up the following on Jacksonville, indicating the lack of cohesion in planning because of a disconnect between infrastructure based on the […]

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